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18th Annual NWTF Banquet

Saturday March 25, 2017 - Saturday March 25, 2017

5:30pm - 9:00pm

 Presented by the Carroll County Doublebeards.

Social Hour- 5:30pm, Dinner at 7pm  Raffles, and more!

Celebrate the Conservation and Restoration of America's Greatest Game Bird, the Wild Turkey, with great NWTF items like Limited Edition Artwork, Sculptures and Limited Edition Guns and other unique NWTF items. Don't miss out, see you there. Thank you for "Answering the Call".

Send Registration/ or for more information to:

Brad Luckey

201 Spring Rd. NW

Minerva, OH 46657

(760) 791-2175

Donations of Cash, Merchandise or Services always welcome. If you would also like to put something back into what you truly enjoy doing then become a committee member with us. Join the Flock.

  • FFA Camp Muskingum
  • 3266 Dyewood Rd SW
  • Carrollton, OH 44615
  • (760)791-2175- Brad Luckey
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