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Carroll County History

Carroll County History

The History of Carroll County

Adventurers? Land Rush chasers? Trailblazing entrepreneurs?

In 1750-80, these were the people you'd meet on the road here. Some dreamt of land and crops for their family. Others saw immense profits ready for the taking. Some learned to fear for their lives.

They came by water or land to Ft. Pitt. The main road westward came through: On that trail passed armies, hostages, peace negotiators, killers and patriots. The Ohio valley was a gateway to a new land and new opportunities the settling and development of our great country.

As you visit, look hard at the hills, ravines, streams. The land was nearly all woods and few supplies were available. Natives were starting to see that settlers meant not to share the land; tribes hereabouts were not happy to give up their ground.

Would you have stayed? Gone farther west? Turned tail for home?

The Great Trail

Had you wanted to beat George Washington to eastern Ohio, you likely would have traveled the Great Trail: the Native American version of Interstate-76. Learn More Here »

The Great Trail in the American Revolution

Across the trail in the fall of 1778, passed a regiment of the Continental army, eager to win Ft. Detroit.
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Legend of the Lost French Gold

The story begins at the French occupied Fort Duquesne before an oncoming battle* against the English.
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The Fighting McCooks

Two Brothers and Their Fifteen Sons
All Answered the Call

“They were born leaders; they were all men of noble bearing, such men as would naturally be selected in conflict requiring valor, judgment, and influence with men.”
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