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The Great Trail

The Great Trail

Had you wanted to beat George Washington to eastern Ohio, you likely would have traveled the Great Trail: the Native American version of Interstate-76.

At that time, the trail stretched from Pittsburgh to Detroit and beyond. You can imagine how tough it was to walk this route in a pair of moccasins. Cutting west from Beaver Creek, south of Dungannon, and along the high ridges of northern Carroll County, most of the route would still have been heavily wooded.

Yet worth the trip. For one thing, salt - essential to live - could be found north of here, near Akron.

Besides, a traveler might well have trading business at one of the many villages along the trail - with the Ottawas and Huron toward Detroit or with the Mingo to the southeast and northwest. Or, he might turn at Zoar onto the heavily traveled Muskingum Trail, intending to visit with the Delaware.

Finding the Trail

The Great Trail roughly parallels SR183 across Brown township from Minerva through Malvern. One historical marker sits near Linden Rd and SR183 west of Minerva. Another can be found in Malvern Park.

The Great Trail Carroll County

The Great Trail Carroll County

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